Mutlu Çiftlikler | Automatic Milking Systems And DeLaval VMS V300

Automatic Milking System 


VMS V300 Automatic Milking

Customizable for your choices

DeLaval VMS™ V300 is all about making dairy farming more personal. More accurate. More profitable. It is a system that allows us to treat each farm, each farmer, each cow, even each teat – individually – and to customize the process to meet each individual’s needs, to create a better place to be for workers, cows, your families and you.

  • Contributes to Improved Farm Profitability 

  • Contributes to More Milk per Labor Hour

  • Contributes to Healthier Cows

  • Contributes to Highest Milk Quality

Contributes to More Milk per Labor Hour

  • 24/7 Operation

  • Fewer labor hours

  • More consistent routines

DeLaval VMS V300 creates a better work environment for anyone who works on your farm. It doesn’t just help perform the time-consuming, repetitive task of milking more efficiently, accurately, precisely and consistently 24 hours a day, 7 days a week; it also helps you manage routines and people to deliver more milk per labor hour.

Contributes to Improved Farm Profitability 

  • Maximize cow yield

  • Reduce Labor

  • Contract-based service costs

With DeLaval VMS V300, the unique permission system works to maximize yield by ensuring that cows are milked as often as is profitable. For some this means two or three times per day, for others four or more. Fully automated, the VMS V300 delivers fewer labor hours per milking, and with InService™ All-Inclusive Plus you can even pre-determine your service, maintenance and consumables costs.

DeLaval Rotary Milking System AMR

DeLaval Rotary AMR

DeLaval Automatic Rotary Milking - AMR is the latest product of rotary technology. The fact that the hydraulic robot is dedicated to the task allows you to make 1,600 fully automatic milking daily. DeLaval AMR, Farm management is designed to meet your needs.

  • Labor saving

  • Real milking

  • 5 custom tasks

  • Improved breast health

  • Minimum milking cost



If you want to maximize your milking in the most effective and healthy way possible, it is imperative to have a true milking. Health and individual goblet are prevented from milking. This is good for nozzle tips and ensures maximum milk yield at each milking. Milk taken from each specimen is monitored and analyzed for flow rate, milk yield and blood conductivity levels.



Robot 1-2: Cleaning and milking the front.

Robot 3-4: Mounting a Goblet

Robot 5: Spraying Head


We make sure that the risk of cross-contamination is kept to a minimum with five dedicated robots, between cows - through goblets and milk lines. With special robots, every milking task is best done.