Mutlu Çiftlikler | Automatic Milking Systems And Solutions


Best level automatic milking machine. VMS ™ and AMR Volunteer Milking System give you and your employees time to concentrate on other jobs, giving you maximum performance milk yield from your cows.

  • Feed the animals in the best way 

  • Improve milk quality and animal health

  • Minimize your labor cost

  • Give right support

  • Flexible design

  • Increase your milking yield average


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DeLaval offers a wide range of parallel and herringbone milking systems that are tailored to the needs of dairy farms.

  • Parallel System Milking Parlors

  • Herringbone System Milking Parlors

  • DeLaval MidiLine System Parlors

  • Rotary System Parlors

  • Suitable milking systems for connected stables

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We offer you all the equipment you need before, during and after milking.

  • Milking on milking point

  • In the milking room

  • Cooling, storage and testing

  • For Cow's breast health and hygiene

  • Supplies and Consumables

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Cow comfort is supported by products that will ensure that the flock is always strong, healthy, high quality and productive. Remember that the comfort of the cows affects the milk yield very much.

  • Cow Brushes

  • Recreation area

  • Walking area

  • Drinking water

  • Ventilation & Lighting

  • Fences & Hosting

  • Cow brushes and shearing machines


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Feeding in milk production is one of the most costly factors. The optimization of nutrition management is therefore a valuable investment. At the same time, while reducing environmental impact, productivity also helps to improve health.

  • Mobile Mixer Wagons

  • OptiDuo 

  • Calf Feeders

  • Stationary mixers

  • DeLaval Optimat Systems

  • DeLaval OptiFeeding

  • Calf Feeding Solutions

  • Feedtech Coupler

  • Feedtech for Calves

  • Feeding accessories

  • DeLaval bait wagons

  • Feeding management programs

  • Feeding trays

  • Rotary Feeders


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We provide security for your cows and milking facilities.


  • We provide services for you and your needs

  • Low operating costs

  • Less urgent repairs

  • Certified technical service technician


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If you can not make a full decision on the farm project in your mind, we support you to make the most appropriate investment. We provide support from the selection of your investment to the end of the project


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