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DeLaval OptiDuo

The benefits of DeLaval's new Optiduo feed propulsion robot to your farm are much more than you think. Optiduo makes twice as much to improve your work efficiency. First of all, it mixes the feed, making it more appetizing for the cows and changing the place of the oath to prevent it from jamming. This means more consumption and hence more meat for milk or meat livestock.

More Milk

DeLaval OptiDuo remixes feed before moving it onto the feeding table. The unique action of twin-spiralled rotating auger ensures that the feed is gently repositioned onto feeding table, filling any gaps and ensuring that the strands of roughage remain intact - making feed much more appetising for cows.

The advantage of OptiDuo;


  • Cows visit the feeding table more often and energy intake increases.

  • Lower ranked cows are not pushed to positions with no feed

  • Better cow traffic

  • There is less competition and stress in the feeding table.

  • More milk


With the option to add a concentrate dispenser to your OptiDuo you can further entice cows back to the feed table, making even last pass

Less Time

If your cows are constantly milking, you will want to make sure they are able to eat continuously. Regular Feed increases energy intake, encourages more visits to VMS and ultimately promotes higher milk yield.


OptiDuo is designed to run at any time of the day, and allows cows to always have appetizing feeds, and because of the superior scrub tray stripping action, your feeder remains cleaner.


This means that you don't have to go to the shelter to manually push the feed to the feeding table day or night.


  • A cleaner feed table

  • You can use your time for jobs that will make a difference in your farm.

More Flexibility

The Advanced Adaptive Driving system in Optiduo means that, unlike conventional feed pushers and propellants, it can handle not only different amounts of feed, but also any type of feed, including any type of TMR, hay or fresh grass. This provides the flexibility to feed seasonally or with different feed types. Optiduo knows how to mix and displace efficiently even in the most difficult feed types. This means that it is the first system that can adapt to different feed types and feed quantities, select whatever is in the feeder tray, line and speed.

Less waste

Because OptiDuo is working twice as hard, the feed is remixed as it is being repositioned - the resulting feed leads to less sorting as the previously rejected feed is not simply pushed back in front of the cow who previously sorted it. This means as well as competition and pressure on lower-ranked cows at the feed table, feed wastage is reduced and less time is spent removing leftover feed waste. By eliminating this ''push-sort-reject'' loop, the OptiDuo increases consumption and means less time is spent removing leftover feed.

More Reliable

Unlike the old-style first feed feeders, it brings real robotic technology to your feed table. The smart navigation system ensures that it is always in place, ready to reposition the feed for your cows.


The Optiduo will starts a runs automatically and returns to the charger, and the advanced sensors ensure that OptiDuo will automatically stop if obstructed by a person, object or animal, automatically recommending its operation only after the object is no longer there.

More Service Friendly

OptiDuo has been designed with simple maintance in mind. With few parts that need to be changed, and no requirement for greasing, it is easy to keep your OptiDuo in perfect working order.

Not only that, just like your milking equipment, the OptiDuo is available with DeLaval InService. Regular preventive maintenance ensures the OptiDuo is always performing as it should be, thus ensuring cows get access to well-mixed feed. 

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