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Parallel Parlors

Throughput in the fast lane.

  • Faster throughput

  • Optimal cow comfort

  • Low maintenance

Key Benefits

Operator friendliness

Suspended butt-pan gives the operator an unobstructed view of the udder resulting in a better working environment. Remote start saves the operator time and energy of reaching up to the control panel.

Optimal cow comfort

Cluster support – provides comfort for both operator and cow by ensuring perfect cluster alignment, preventing liner slip and helping ro reduce risk of mastitis.

Low maintenance

As a robust structure, our parallel parlors provide low maintenance. Heavy-duty cylinders and no steel-to-steel wear points provide excellent reliability and a long parlor lifetime.

EnDurance™ parallel parlor

Champion™ parallel parlor

P2100 Parallel Parlor

Herringbone parlors

Customized to fit your cows and your future.

  • Efficient milking

  • Strong and durable design

  • Operator comfort and safety

DeLaval herringbone HDHB

DeLaval herringbone parlor HB30

DeLaval herringbone parlor HB50

DeLaval herringbone HB30C

DeLaval MidiLine Parlors

Top swing head types for farms of the 21st century - mass milking system providing the highest level of low input, high job production. These systems maximize the use of each header. The headers are placed in the middle of the pit and rocked to serve both sides of the parlor. The ML2100 and ML3100 are similar to a double-sided system with significantly less investment.

DeLaval MidiLine ML 2100

DeLaval MidiLine ML3100

DeLaval MidiLine MSA30 Kol